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Subject Wixie Vixie
Posted 9/2/2000 by Seth Dillingham
Last Modified 11/23/2002
In Response To Lots of Pictures of Kittens and Cats!
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August 25, 2000

Wixie Vixie is a pet (though still a pure-bred Birman), named after the gone-but-never-forgotten Vixen.

Wixie is the sweetest cat we've ever known, and probably ever will. She's loves everyone and everything, and is extremely curious... whenever we have guests, they always threaten to take her home with them.

Unfortunately, Wixie has patellar luxation in both of her hind legs, so she walks funny. It doesn't give her any pain, but it does disqualify her from shows... which is too bad, because she has a stunningly sweet face (and we'd love to hear a judge threaten to take her home!).

The p.l. doesn't keep her from running, though! She looks a bit like a rabbit when she runs, but she chases (or is chased by) all of the other cats and kittens in the house, and her extra-strong forelegs give her a distinct advantage in wrestling matches with her unimpaired sibling.

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This is my (Seth's) Dad, Mike. Almost as soon as he sat down on the couch, Wixie ran up behind him and started licking his hair. He was amused, so he let her keep it up as long as she wanted to... about ten full minutes!

300 x 400
600 x 800

Wixie: "MMMMmmmmm! You're tasty!"

Dad: "How nice of you to notice."

Kitten: "Can I have some too?"
(See the larger images, or this won't make any sense.)



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